Model support in design, test, and monitoring of image system architectures


Project Description

For developing complex systems, such as heterogeneous image systems it is crucial to consider non-functional requirements and constraints already in early development phases to guarantee that system will satisfy its non-functional requirements. The main idea of our approach is to validate and analyze most crucial non-functional requirements based on the modeling executable system and test specifications. Our approach focuses on the application of model-driven engineering (MDE) techniques in main phases of the development process: from system specification and design down to source code generation, and validation. The key requirements for MDE techniques is to have a modeling methodology that allows the construction of system and test specifications. The system specification represents system dynamics and structure independently from technological considerations and physics. The test specification describes the possible usage of system with respect to requirements. By executing specifications in simulation environments, our approach supports a cheap and agile technique for quantitative assessments and performance estimates to identify system bottlenecks and to improve the system architecture before entering into detailed system realization.

Project Period

    2012-10-01 – 2017-03-31

Project Members

Sponsored by

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Related Publications

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