Welcome to Computer Science 7 (Computer Networks and Communication Systems)

The lab deals with protocols and architectures of networked systems and with their analysis and evaluation. To this end, we apply various methods of modeling, simulation, measurement and test and also develop own toolsets. Furthermore, two specific fields of application are investigated so that our research activities can be subdivided into three areas:

  • Quality-of-Service: Performance evaluation and investigation of new protocols to ensure the quality of service in (safety-critical) networks
  • Connected Mobility: Modeling and simulation of vehicular networks and connected mobility, used technologies and novel mobility concepts
  • Smart Energy: Analysis and simulation of smart, networked energy systems based on renewable energies and electric mobility

The teaching curriculum covers fundamental courses such as “Computer Communication” and “Simulation and Modeling” as well as advanced courses such as “Advanced Networking” and specialized topics of both application areas, e.g. “Vehicular Networks” or “Smart Grids and Electric Mobility”.

Our external PhD student Christoph Sippl has successfully defended his dissertation titled "Identification of relevant traffic situations for scenario-based development of automated driving functions" just recently. The doctoral project was supervised in cooperation with Audi AG. Due to the current ...

Reinhard German has recently been appointed as an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty for IT at the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He will do research in the field of “IT for Energy”, first planned steps are to model the Monash Microgrid and to supervise a related PhD thesis.

"Electric cars are not so green" is a much-discussed phrase in relation to the environmental impact of electric mobility. Not only in the mobility sector, but also in the field of energy storage, an analysis of environmental influences is of increasing importance. Our research assistant Daniel Schar...

Our research assistant Jonas Schlund presented a paper titled „FlexAbility - Modeling and Maximizing the Bidirectional Flexibility Availability of Unidirectional Charging of Large Pools of Electric Vehicles“ at the Eleventh ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems (ACM e-Energy 2020). I...