Hybrid Simulation of Intelligent Energy Systems

Project Description

Development of the simulation framework i7-AnyEnergy for networked smart energy systems. For this framework methods such as discrete event simulation (e.g. for demand, weather and control models) and System Dynamics models (e.g. for energy and cost flows) are combined in one simulation model. It provides pre-built components from which more complex energy system models can be constructed in a flexible way. From the basic components for the energy demand (electrical and thermal), for energy conversion (e.g. gas heating, combined heat and power with fuel cells), for renewable energy (photovoltaics), for energy storage (batteries, chemical storages), as well as for the control, house models can be constructed and coupled to larger systems with a common weather model and communication Network.

Project Period

    2011-10-01 – 2016-12-31

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Sponsored by

    Bayerische Staatsministerien

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