Hybrid Simulation of Smart Energy Systems

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The expansion of renewable energy sources and the growing share of decentralized and highly fluctuating energy producers pose complex challenges for modern energy systems. Storage systems such as CHP systems with heat storage, pure electricity storage, or other technologies also play a decisive role. Furthermore, communication between producers, consumers, and storage as well as the intelligent control of electricity producers and consumers is crucial for the stability and efficiency of the energy system.

The aim of the project is the development of methods and tools for the comprehensive analysis of the increasingly renewable energy-based energy industry at the level of individual houses and smart grids. As part of the project, the simulation framework i7-AnyEnergy is being developed, which enables the rapid development of hybrid simulation models of networked intelligent energy systems. For this purpose, methods such as discrete event simulation (e.g., for consumer, weather, and control models) and system dynamics models (e.g., for energy and cost flows) are combined in a simulation model. The simulation framework i7-AnyEnergy provides basic components for the energy consumption (electrical and thermal), for energy production (eg gas heating, combined heat and power with fuel cells), for renewable energy (photovoltaic), for energy storage (batteries, chemical storage such as based on LOHC), as well as for the control. These components are used to create house models that can be coupled to smart grid models with a common weather model and a communication Network.

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    2017-01-01 –

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