Two Conference Contributions on Time-Sensitive Networking in Heraklion, Crete

Lisa Maile and Anna Arestova presenting their contributions
Lisa Maile and Anna Arestova presenting their contributions

Our Computer Science 7 Lab made two contributions at the 16th International ValueTools conference. ValueTools fosters interdisciplinary research and innovation in the realm of complex systems.

Lisa Maile presented her paper, “Combining Static and Dynamic Traffic with Delay Guarantees in Time-Sensitive Networking,” addressing resource allocation challenges in Ethernet. Her approach, combining offline optimization and online admission control, enables the registration of new flows while the network is in operation. Her approach offers network flexibility with minimal user input, while still guaranteeing maximum end-to-end delays.

Anna Arestova’s poster, “Optimization of Bandwidth Utilization and Gate Control List Configuration in 802.1Qbv Networks,” focused on optimizing gate control lists to minimize unused bandwidth. Anna’s work addresses a critical aspect of network configuration, ensuring that high priority traffic is scheduled in time, while minimizing the effect on lower priority traffic in the network.

Both works not only add depth to the field of Time-Sensitive Networking but also offers practical solutions to real-world challenges.

Link to the conference: 16th International ValueTools-Conference, September 6-7, 2023, Crete, Greece