Colloquium lecture: 23 April 2024, Baskaran Sivagami (Martino)

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Exploration and Evaluation of “Internet of Space” – Hypatia with various TCP algorithms for reduced latency


SpaceX, Amazon, and various other entities aim to deploy numerous satellites in low Earth orbit to establish a global broadband internet service with low
latency. While these proposed satellite constellations offer considerable potential, they also pose new challenges for networking. To facilitate research in this dynamic field, we introduce Hypatia, a framework designed to simulate and visualize the network behavior of these constellations. This includes assessing fluctuations in latency and link utilization over time and exploring the implications of these variations for congestion control and routing.


Zeit: 10:15 Uhr

Ort: Raum 04.137, Martensstr. 3, Erlangen


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