Seminar: Communication Systems

Multipath communication with a smartphone and one server


Type of course Seminar (2 SWS)
ECTS credits 2.5 or 5
Language German or English
Seminar Online
The first meeting (introduction, assignment of topics, organizational matters) is planned to be on Thursday, November 12, from 12:15 to 13:45. Link for Zoom meeting is available in StudOn.

Multipath communication has gained increasing interest in recent years: Using multiple interfaces offers both better Quality of Service and Quality of Experience. Use-cases are smartphones which are equipped with at least two network interfaces (WLAN and cellular) or boosting low data rate DSL lines by adding cellular or even satellite links. As an example, Multipath TCP (RFC 8684) is a well-studied multipath protocol available in the Linux Kernel. This seminar discusses basic principles of multipath communication and state of the art research papers.

See StudOn for list of topics.


All talks can be given in German or English, the seminar is thus open for German as well as international students. However, English is recommended for improving presentation skills.

Send an e-mail to for registration and further information.

  • The seminar will take place online