Multi Battery Systems – Hybrid and New Storage Simulation Tool

Project Description

With the expansion of highly fluctuating renewables, the introduction of electric vehicles or securing the sufficient energy coverage of portable electronic devices electrochemical battery systems of each kind and dimensioning gain greater significance in various fields of everyday life. To assure cost- and time-efficient analysis for system design and project planning the usage of powerful models simulating the behavior of these battery systems is inevitable. In the project “Multi Battery Systems – Hybrid and New Storage Simulation Tool” in the context of FAU Campus – Future Energy Systems (FES) the Chair of Computer Science 7 (Computer Networks and Communication Systems) conceives detailed simulation models of several electrochemical battery storage systems. The project, which is realized in cooperation with Siemens AG Erlangen, aims to depict besides current storage technologies – like lithium-ion-batteries and lead-batteries – systems which thus far lack widespread application as well, like redox-flow-batteries or thermal batteries. In this manner, the designed models also extend the modular model-library of the software i7-AnyEnergy in order to enable more sophisticated analysis in distinct storage scenarios.

Project Period

    2017-05-01 – 2020-04-30

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