Colloquium lecture: 25 October 2022, Nazanin Vatanian (Betreuer: A. Brummer)

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Energy Efficient Autonomous Resource Selection for Power-Saving Users in NR V2X

Energy saving in networks is one of the most critical challenges we face nowadays. In V2X networks, specially sidelink communication, which is the main focus of this thesis, there are a variety of users. There are vehicular users who have access to huge sources of energy. Also, there exist other users, such as e-bike and pedestrian users, who have energy constraints. Thus, there is a growing interest in saving energy for these kinds of users in the V2X sidelink. Resource allocation is one of the most critical tasks that consumes energy in the V2X sidelink. This thesis mainly investigates reducing energy consumption in the resource allocation of energy-efficient users.

This thesis intends to evaluate the resource allocation algorithms in V2X sidelink communication specified by 3GPP when both users with and without power constraints exist in the network. To this end, we have studied “sensing” and “random” allocation algorithms as baseline algorithms and implemented “periodic partial sensing” and “contiguous partial sensing” for energy-saving users. We focused on reducing the energy consumption for sensing procedures and preserving reliability as much as possible. Additionally, the “re-evaluation” method has been investigated, which was recommended by 3GPP. Even though this enhancement comes with the cost of energy, it was added to the existing and new algorithms to improve reliability.

Studies on power-saving algorithms led to the development of a novel enhanced method called SWAPS-RA. This method reduces energy consumption further than the algorithms proposed by 3GPP without sacrificing reliability which was the primary goal of this thesis.


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